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Welcome to Rother TOMCC, East Sussex
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Chase The Windmill Competition
The Winners of the Windmill Competition

Rother Members Chase The Windmill Challenge 2019

How this works:
Rother members will have to find as many windmills in the defined area as you can and on your motorbike.
The competition starts on 1st May 2019 and ends 30th September 2019.

Defined Area:
West to the A23/M23 (Brighton to Redhill).
North to the M25/M26 (Redhill to Maidstone).
East to the M20 (Maidstone to Folkstone)
Plus South Coast inbetween Folkstone to Brighton.

Definition of Windmill:
New, Old or Historic full size structure (working or non-working).

Not a Windmill:
Modern wind generators, Small replica windmills in gardens or on roofs e.g.

To prove you have seen a windmill we require a photograph, preferably with your bike in it and
send it via email to - info@tomcc-rother.co.uk with your name and the date/location of your photo.

1st Prize: £100 for most Windmills photographed
2nd Prize: £50 for best / most imaginative / funny photograph
3rd Prize: £50 for best video
Photos and videos will be posted on the website

Competition winners will be announced at the AGM.

During the Chase The Windmill Challenge,
members with helmet cams or GoPro's can shoot a two minute video of favourite rides they have done.
These can also be sent via email to - info@tomcc-rother.co.uk
downloaded to a memory stick and past onto Andy to be uploaded to the website.
These will also be judged the same time as the best photo competition.

Judging will be by the Rother TOMCC committee.
Judges decisions will be final, no correspondence will be entered into.
Prizes will be cash.



Name Windmills Visited

Mike L 34
Em 29
Andy 5
BSA Matt 3
Richie 1
Will's video clip 1
Em's video clip 1

Members Windmill Photo Gallery